Thief Sues Store Owner After Injuring His Scrotum While Breaking Into The Store

Thief sues shop owner after injuring his scrotum while breaking into the shop

A criminal who harmed his scrotum while attacking a shop is endeavouring to sue its proprietor over the damage. 

Retailer Kevin Victory said he's got a letter from the hoodlum's specialist guaranteeing harms for the wounds he managed on the premises. 

The hoodlum, alongside two other men, utilized a heavy hammer to attack Mr Victory's Centra store in Kingscourt, County Cavan, Ireland, in November 2015. 

The hoodlums were caught by the police as they attempted to escape following the theft. During the time spent getting away, one of the men allegedly harmed his scrotum and was taken to the clinic. Every one of the three criminals were given half year suspended sentences, while one was later imprisoned for an alternate offence
Thief sues shop owner after injuring his scrotum while breaking into the shop

The businessperson discussed his stun after getting the letter from the hoodlum suing him for harms. He now has 90 days to choose in the event that he needs the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) in Ireland to evaluate the cheat's damage. 

"I was simply staggered, completely dazed when I got the letter," he said. "The insurance agency has declined to draw in with PIAB or acknowledge any obligation. I'm simply attempting to feature this is going on and perhaps we may need to change the law." 

Mr Victory said his insurance agency won't acknowledge any duty or react to the letter from the PIAB. A PIAB representative declined to really expound on the particular case. 

"While we can't remark on any individual case when we get a case we are required by law to keep in touch with the individual the case is made against," the PIAB representative said.

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